A premier family law firm in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
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A premier family law firm

We serve clients throughout Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Marin. With 13 attorneys, we are one of the largest law firms in Northern California. We have the capacity to handle cases of every level, from basic family law matters to highly complex financial transactions.

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“We combine a high level of expertise with exceptional, personalized service.”

Belinda Hanson, Partner

Belinda Hanson

Making the complex simple

From the simple to the complex, we excel at providing you the best and most efficient outcome. We handle all core family law issues and are uniquely qualified to handle complex family law issues.

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Complex financial issues

Our expertise extends beyond the fundamentals of family law. We regularly represent clients with issues related to startups, venture capital, hedge funds, private equity, real estate interests, and other financial matters.

Division of assets

Our team members have extensive experience in dividing routine and complex assets, including separate property tracing, valuing businesses, and analyzing and quantifying the community and separate property interests in an asset.

Spousal support

We routinely work with forensic accountants to analyze permanent spousal support, income available for support, and the marital standard of living. We can guide you through various spousal support payment options such as monthly support or lump-sum buy-outs.

Child support

We regularly represent payer and the payee on child support issues. We understand the intricacies of various types of compensation and the impact on child support.

Custody  / Visitation

We understand your children are your highest priority. We develop strategies that focus on your children’s best interests and help you and your partner learn how to co-parent effectively. We also represent clients through contested custody hearings and trials.

Post-judgment modifications

Issues often arise after your case is complete and a judgment has been issued. We represent you during this new phase of your case by filing post-judgment motions to ensure that your long-term goals continue to be met.

We are leaders in the field

Our size, and the depth and range of our experience, give us the capacity to handle cases of every level, from basic family law issues to complex financial transactions.

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If you’re a new client with a question about our firm or process, contact our new client coordinator to get started.

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